As a mom, you know how to juggle. Between keeping the kids happy and healthy, keeping the house clean, and making sure everything is running smoothly, you’re a one-woman phenomenon. According to a recent study, however, 50 percent of moms who choose to be at home report feeling stressed — and it’s no wonder. It can be difficult to do it all, especially when you don’t have time for yourself or time with friends to just relax.

On top of that, many women feel the call to go back to work. In fact, 57 percent of moms think about going back to work at some point. But between your daily life as a mom and trying to make time for yourself, it can feel impossible to find something that earns money without adding to your stress.

That’s why Maker Moms love A Makers’ Studio (and why we love them).

What is a Maker Mom?

At A Makers’ Studio, we want to help moms who are DIY enthusiasts create their own business – no matter their DIY skills. Maker Moms can build their own business by hosting Gatherings for their family and friends. You get all of the project tutorials and presentation materials you need to have a successful event, plus a great product line to craft with. Everyone who attends gets to take home their own piece of DIY décor.

The best part? You can work your own hours and choose which business growth style and tools fit your schedule and financial goals.

What’s it like to be a Maker Mom?

We know that each mom and her family has different needs. So we believe that you should be able to choose a Maker business style that fits your life.

You can lead Gatherings in your own home, at church, in your children’s school or anywhere else you want to craft! Many of your friends and family will host these events for you we well once they experience how much fun they are! You simply choose your Pop Up Party or Gathering projects and purchase the kits containing everything needed for a successful event, including project step-by-steps, event prep tips, and more.

Imagine yourself as a Maker prepping for the Gathering with your kids or sharing a few laughs with fellow moms as you learn new DIY skills. You’ll always have something interesting to do for a fun family night or a much-needed girls’ night. Best of all, being a Maker Mom means you get to share your enthusiasm for DIY projects with others who need the joy of making in their own lives, too! These Gatherings, and the products you bring to them, will encourage other women to explore their creativity on their own while effortlessly building your business along the way.

Maker Moms may also choose to grow their business even more by empowering other women to get creative and earn money doing something they love. Not only can you help other Makers build their business, but you will also have a hand in helping creative moms strengthen their DIY abilities. You get to enjoy the bragging rights of creating stunning DIY décor as well as the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you help another woman bring her creations to life as well. You can feel proud knowing that you’re doing it all on your terms — with products that reflect your values.

What will being a Maker Mom mean to you?

We know that it’s not just about the money. Yes, Maker Moms want to enjoy the financial rewards of their own businesses, but they also want to craft a life they love, full of community and creativity. Being a Maker Mom means you can continue to care for your family without feeling the pressure to choose between home or work. It also means you get to decide when you want to put on your Maker Mom hat – you choose when to host Gatherings and how much you’d like to work on your business.

Being a Maker Mom means that you get to use your creativity and passion to start a business you love. You can also make a difference in the world! Each Maker’s work supports A Makers’ Studio philanthropic approach to fighting human trafficking worldwide.

You’re already a Maker Mom – you make everything happen for your family. If you’re ready to explore your creativity and make something new and exciting happen for yourself, then A Makers’ Studio just might be for you.