As a creative, you know that your environment has a huge impact on your emotions and mental state. Think of the quiet area you’ve created for yourself in the nook of your master bedroom or the light-filled kitchen where you feed your family. Each of these is a great example of how design and decor can impact how you feel and what you do in a given space.

The same goes for your home office! Your creative business is most likely run from this space, no matter how large or small. It’s the command center of all that you do. Depending on where you live and what you have available to you, your home office might be a spare bedroom, an unfinished corner of the basement, or the bar counter in your kitchen. But as you grow your creative business and really embrace your life as an entrepreneur, you’ll likely feel the call to make this space your own and turn into a place where you feel productive, relaxed, and in control.

That’s why we’re sharing four tips to help you decorate the home office where everything happens in your creative business. Hopefully, these inspire you to infuse a little bit more creativity and inspiration into your workspace so you can grow your business into an empire.

Create Functional and Beautiful Wall Decor

One thing that is most limited in a home office is the actual working space. Whether you’re getting products ready to ship, writing out your to-do list, or filling out paperwork, you need desk space available at all times. To make sure this cherished real estate is available when work needs to get done, make sure you have:

    • Chalkboards or cork boards for planning and keeping notes handy
    • Shelves to hold books, files, products, sales materials, etc…
  • Containers for stationery, pens, craft materials, and other office supplies

Identify what you use most and mount those items nearest your desk. Then, maximize space by moving less common items to a space further away. Keeping your desk and work surfaces uncluttered can make it easy for you to get in the flow during your workday (or night), which is why functional wall decor can be so useful.

Customize your wall decor, statement pieces, or shelving by using Rescue Restore Paint in any of A Makers’ Studio’s 15 colors. Not only does this give new life to older office furniture, but you’ll be able to make your space your own without spending your business budget on all new furniture!

Add Something Green

Even if you have a small office with minimal natural night, you can find a plant that’s right for your space. Ivy, for example, is great for low-light offices while succulents and ferns are great for confined spaces. Plants have proven to boost mood and improve productivity, plus they clean the air and add a splash of rich green that can complement any color scheme. Get creative with your planter by using ChalkArt™ and A Makers’ Studio Stencils to decorate each plant holder with motivating messages or your business motto.

Choose the Right Lighting

Whether your office has tons of windows or is in a darker corner of the home, make sure you have sufficient lighting. Beautiful floor lamps and hand-poured candles are a great way to keep your space functional, especially when you need to be productive in the evening hours. Find the right light for you and avoid harsh fluorescent lights whenever possible.

Make and Collect Inspiring Art

As a creative, one of the most important things is to make your home office beautiful, not just functional. While function and comfort will help you do the work, inspiring art can keep you motivated and in the creative zone. Create your own wall art fresh every month with the ChalkArt Subscription, or host a Gathering to create multiple pieces of art with friends or fellow creative business owners! In addition to making your own artwork, be sure to collect a few pieces that really mean a lot to you, or that infuse the space with positive colors and visuals. Abstract art, quotes on canvas, or even pictures of your family and favorite places are all great options.

Get creative to make your home office your ideal space…

Your home office is where you do your best work and where you grow your business. I’s worth putting some time and effort into making it a space that you love and that makes you feel energized. Browse through all of the DIY activities offered by A Makers’ Studio or stock up on products that help you craft a life – and office space – you love.