A Makers’ Studio helps empower and educate entrepreneurs who want to craft a business and life out of their creativity. Our Makers lead their own DIY décor workshops, help others develop creative skills, and inspire other Makers who want to take a creative and professional leap of their own.

But helping Makers host Pop Up Parties and creative workshops isn’t the only thing we do. We also offer the RE•NEW•ALL Candle Collection. Every RE•NEW•ALL Candle is hand-poured and signed by a woman who has escaped sex trafficking and managed to begin a new chapter in her life. Our line of RE•NEW•ALL Candles gives these women the chance to earn a living wage by doing creative, soul satisfying work they enjoy.

One of our many wonderful Maker Bosses, Mim Boyette, sold the most RE•NEW•ALL Candles in the collection’s first month of November! We’re so proud of Mim’s work and wanted to get to know her better. In an interview with A Makers’ Studio, Mim shared how she runs her Maker business, what she finds most rewarding about being a Maker, and what the future holds for her.

Introducing Mim Boyette

Mim, who lives in Vardaman, Mississippi, enjoys baking and traveling with her husband. She also loves SEC football, spending time with her friends, and drinking coffee. Mim joined A Makers’ Studio because she wanted to be a part of a startup and witness a company like this one grow into something big.

Each day, Mim begins work on her business by checking her phone and social media. A typical day includes going into her studio to listen to a Maker call and working on a piece of furniture that she has started. “I like to work on a piece and take my time so it is relaxing,” explained Mim. “If I don’t work on furniture, I may play around with a stencil or the new Gel Art Inks. The only really typical part of a Maker day is what I do the first part of the day. I want the rest of my time with Makers’ to be my time to play and just enjoy the products.”

We couldn’t agree more with Mim! One of the best things a Maker can do for their business is to keep feeding their love for making. You can explore your creativity by using our products on your own projects and inspiring others to do the same.

When asked what the most rewarding part of her business is, Mim shared: “I have grown in my daily walk with God. Amy’s faith and support have been a true blessing to me. Through this company, I have learned to trust in God in all ways and let His purpose be my purpose.”

According to Mim, she is most looking forward to building her team and a subscription following after an up upcoming Pop Up Party. She’s also ready to help more Makers by sharing her story and showing how A Makers’ Studio has increased her confidence in herself and her creative abilities. “I truly believe in the cause and the people involved,” said Mim.

A Makers’ Studio loves supporting women just like Mim who are on a journey to build a beautiful life, and we are so excited to watch her business grow! Thank you to Mim for allowing us to get to know her.

Want to see more of Mim’s journey? Follow her on her website https://amakersstudio.com/mimboyette, on Instagram at @mim.boyette, or Facebook at Mim Boyette.

Feeling inspired and ready to start exploring your own possibilities with A Makers’ Studio? Contact us to learn more about becoming a Maker and how to host your own workshops!