After several months in soft launch, A Makers’ Studio hosted Maker Bosses from around the country in Memphis, TN for the official launch weekend party. This beautiful October weekend was full of fun, inspiration, lots of photo snapping, and, of course, making, alongside A Makers’ Studio founder and “Mother Maker” Amy Howard.

Here’s a little behind the scenes peek at all the festivities!

Upon arrival, Makers were treated to amazing swag bags with Maker Maven t-shirts, A Maker’s Guide by Amy, free A Makers’ Studio products, and more! After visiting and meeting their #MakerBoss Facebook group friends in person, our guests donned sunglasses fit for The King and were whisked away to Amy’s house.

Gathered at Amy’s home, the laughter and bonding amongst Makers continued. Between bites and dance numbers they really let loose and snapped some fun photos.

After resting up, our Maker Mavens gathered where all the magic happens at A Makers’ Studio headquarters. After a greeting from Amy, some introductions, and exciting new product announcements, it was time to MAKE!

Using ChalkArt and stencils, Makers created their own wall art. This same DIY décor project is one they can now lead their own customers in creating at a Pop Up Party!

On their final day in Memphis, Makers bonded even more through their shared desire to pursue their passion and purpose as a career. And of course, everyone did some more crafting, too!

On full display over the course of the weekend was the A Makers’ Studio mission:

To empower the modern creative woman to make a difference in homes and heart and support her with in-depth education and meaningful work as she leads their community in crafting a beautiful life.

On the end of their third day together, the home office and Amy said their farewells… or rather, their “until next times!” That’s right, you can stay up to date on the next Gathering in Memphis and get a free gift to spark your creativity!


We can’t wait to see what all these lovely Makers do with all the motivation and inspiration they “gathered” while in Memphis!

If you were able to join us for launch weekend please take a moment to share your memories in the comments below!