At A Makers’ Studio, we love spotlighting Makers and how they grow their own businesses and craft beautiful lives. Alisha Oliver, a Maker who hit a 3-star ranking in her first month, is here to tell us how she’s made her Maker business such a success.

What led Alisha to A Makers’ Studio?

My son is an incredibly artistic individual and he and I fell in love with the ease of completing these DIY projects. I’ve always strived to be “that” Pinterest girl, but A Makers’ Studio gives me the opportunity to finally be successful! My son definitely didn’t get those artistic genes from me, so I love that this is something he and I can share together. I struggled as a single mom for the first 12 years of my son’s life. This journey has helped provide the opportunity for a college education for my son so he doesn’t have the same struggles I did. That’s why I continue to pour everything I have into it while enjoying quality time together.

What did Alisha do to hit a 3-star rating her first month?

In my opinion, customer service is everything and that’s always been one of my strong suits. If I can pair that with my passion for the products, the sky’s the limit. I shared this stuff with everyone. These products aren’t just for the crafty women; think about all of the moms and dads who have children who love crafting. These products help take crafting to the next level and kids love that they can create such beautiful projects with ease.

What is most vital to Alisha’s success?

I touched on it a bit before hand, and that’s customer service. I want my customers to know that I’ll stop at nothing to ensure they’re happy. My customers have a choice as to who they shop with, and I want them to know how much I truly appreciate that they choose to support my family business.

What advice would Alisha give a new Maker trying to build their business quickly?

Owning your own business isn’t easy. You’re going to get out what you put in. If this is something you’re passionate about, share it with everyone you know. Tell them your why: let them know why you do what you do and why you love these products enough to join with #makersbosses. Now is the perfect time to become a boss and change your life forever! Partner up with someone who shares the same passions about the products as you, because having an incredible support system will definitely help you take your business to the next level.

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