At A Makers’ Studio, we love sharing what our Makers are doing to grow their own businesses and craft beautiful lives. This week, we chatted with Kim Bryant, a Maker who hit a 3-star ranking in her first month!

What led Kim to A Makers’ Studio?

The past 5 years, I have owned my own business teaching others to make beautiful craft projects and home decor, in addition to offering customized products for purchase. Not only have I worked from home and traveled to different locations teaching wood sign paint parties, but I was also the co-owner of a brick and mortar DIY studio for a little over a year.

I was introduced to A Makers’ Studio several months before the public launch, but since I was already working with another direct sales company, I didn’t really pay much attention. I had a team with the other company and was advancing, so I wasn’t looking to add something else to my plate and didn’t really spend a lot of time researching  A Makers’ Studio.

After the first of this year, due to a variety of circumstances, I realized it was time for a change. I started looking at A Makers’ Studio more closely. The more I researched and prayed, the more I loved what I was seeing. I love not only the quality and variety of products we offer, but also the mission and community. It really is about more than making pretty things. It’s about making a difference while also building relationships and community. I am at home with A Makers Studio. The fact that we have a founder who prays with and for us while mentoring us and encouraging us — not only our businesses but also our spiritual lives — makes a world of difference.

What did Kim do to hit a 3-star rating her first month?

I shared my excitement about A Makers’ Studio products and mission, not only on my Facebook business page, but also in person. I shared what I was experiencing with A Makers’ Studio and people wanted to hear more. I offered samples for sale to get the product in the hands of prospects. When people use the products and hear the mission, they can immediately see the quality and are intrigued. I also invested in more products than what came in my starter kit, so that I could get hands-on experience with them in order to answer customer questions with first-hand knowledge. It also helped to have products on hand that customers can see, touch, smell, and use. I conducted classes, did Facebook Lives, and also offered enrollment and team incentives.

What is most vital to Kim’s success?

Learning as much as I could about our products while continuing to spend time in personal development is very important. Also, so is not being afraid to step out of my comfort zone in sharing with others.

What advice would Kim give a new Maker trying to build their business quickly?

Be genuine and altruistic. Share our products and opportunity with enthusiasm. Don’t compare yourself or your success to that of others. Invest in people, your business, and yourself. Be thankful and patient, realizing that God’s plan for you will unfold in His time.

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