Meet Danielle Casseus! She’s a Maker who’s really making waves. Danielle hit Qualified Maker status and then moved quickly up the ranks to 1 Star, 2 Star, and 3 Star all in the month of February.

What led you to A Makers’ Studio?

Being a single mom of five, I’ve learned how to get REALLY creative for birthdays and other home decorating. I have such a love for DIY… being creative in any way possible gives me so much peace and joy! After being told for so many years just how talented and creative I am, I finally found an amazing opportunity to collaborate with A Makers’ Studio I’m so grateful to my amazing friend and mentor for introducing me to the company.

What did you do your first month to hit that 3 Star ranking?

Amazingly, my team and I ranked 2 Star by the 13th of the month! I offered a few free classes to introduce A Makers’ Studio to my customers. This let them try the products out before buying or joining as Makers. That was a huge hit! So then I thought, “how crazy would it be to reach 3 Star?!” I talked to the team and pushed our goals a bit higher for the rest of month. They rocked it!!! I’m so proud of my #CreativeSouls Team.

What do you think was vital to your success?

This month I made an effort to really reach out to my team and encourage them to do their best. I also stretched myself on social media by posting more than usual and interacting with EVERYONE that commented on my page. There is so much truth about consistency leading to business growth.

What advice would you give a new Maker trying to build their business quickly?

Do it afraid! Do it scared!

Having a new business is scary and we don’t like to hear the word “no.” But “no” doesn’t mean never, so keep pushing yourself. There will be a YES right around the corner after all the NOs. Finally, build your business by sharing what you love. Be absolutely transparent. People join your team for you, not just the business.

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